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Our Mission:

The inspiration of this website came from the idea that a small number of people can create a disproportionate amount of good and evil in the world based on their actions. The main focus these days is on 'the one percent' and their destructive actions. We believe the actual number of people doing most of the evil on the planet is the square-root of one percent. That's about 8400 people, who we refer to as the 'elite.'

The founder of Transcendental Meditation, the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, teaches that if the square-root of one percent of the global population would consistently meditate according to his methods, stress, sickness, violence, and other social issues would begin to abate. We believe the underlying principle of this teaching is correct, but that the methods used are not the most effective, which is the mission of this website: to revise his methodology into a more practical, effective one and disseminate it to the world.

The Good News: Good is infinitely more powerful than evil, and the good people on this planet far outnumber those who do evil.

The Problem: Many good people do nothing and many others have their efforts manipulated by the elite, unintentionally assisting the elite in advancing the agenda used to enslave humanity.

Therefore, it is our sincere hope to recruit at least 8400 people to begin to consistently use our methods to bring about; true peace, true economic prosperity, and better health for the people and our world as a whole.

Video Description:

Unconsciously, we are all influenced by past experiences that could be preventing us from finding happiness and wholeness. Bea Resnick created this divine meditation to help us let go of anything keeping us from healing and attaining complete health and healing. In order to find peace inside, we must understand the many influences that affect the way we feel toward others in our past and present.